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Testimonials Two Blue Squares

“Our convention included attendees from 15 states and three countries. Most of them arrived at different times and at different airports. SuperVIP was on time for all of our guests who reserved limo service. It’s rare that so many variables can be worked out and without a single complaint.”

– Jacki S.

“My daughter’s wedding was the biggest day of her life (yet). Being the father of the bride, my duties included not only paying for a good deal of this expensive event, but arranging transportation for the wedding party. I’d heard good things about SuperVIP and booked three cars with them for the rehearsal dinner the night before the wedding and the wedding day/night. Douglas was so courteous and prompt, he helped make the potentially stressful day go off without a hitch.”

– Geoff M.

“I travel a lot, probably too much, for work and I’m lucky enough to have a budget that allows car service. Drivers who act like they’d rather be doing something else often greet me at the airport. This wasn’t the case with SuperVIP, which is why I’m writing this today. My driver, Douglas, engaged me with interesting conversation and seemed like he actually enjoyed his job. The clean interior of the car proved that the people at Presidential take pride in their work.”

– Stacy A.

“I’ve never used SuperVIP for my own transportation but I’ve booked clients with them on several occasions. Due to the nature of my business, our clients want to keep a fairly low profile, which means a stretch limo would be incredibly distasteful as it is considered somewhat garish by our clients, some of whom come from across the pond. A Mercedes sedan, however, perfectly suits the temperament of my clients. When a Mercedes sedan isn’t available, there’s always the Mercedes SUV at the ready. It’s this kind of dependability that keeps me coming back.”

– Joshua R.

“Nothing stresses out an event coordinator more than having a reservation agent mess up the itinerary. After using SuperVIP three times for major conventions, they have gotten our order for buses correct on every occasion. They’ve also got the know-how and can offer input that has on more than one occasion helped me to better coordinate the transportation for my events.”

– Rita M.

“I wanted something special to cap off the 40th wedding anniversary of my parents. My father is enamored by classic cars, so I thought I’d try to find one for the day to chauffer them around town. A friend told me about the 1958 Bentley Rolls Royce, so I made reservations. The look on my dad’s face when he saw that car outside of his home was priceless. Mom told me the next day that the driver offered to take them on a tour of the city and showed them sights they’d never seen. I didn’t know your drivers did that kind of thing. Anyway, thanks for making my parents’ day extra awesome.”

– Gerrad Y.

“What a night my daughter had with her friends in your Excalibur limo. I don’t think anybody else at their prom got dropped off in a limousine quite as unique as that one. When I called I was just looking for a standard limousine. I didn’t know you had unique cars like until I was told the options. I think the kids truly enjoyed the ride and the attention they got at the prom.”

– Nancy G.

“First time using SuperVIP. Very neat how the driver texted me to let me know he was out front. Never had that happen before ever. He was early even, which is also a first for me.”

– Teddy R.

“Once again, I remain floored by the service. This is my third time using the SUV and it really makes the travel through this city full of traffic jams so much easier. The driver knew the streets like the back of his hand and was able to find routes that kept us clear of the heavy traffic while getting us to our event on time.”

– Chastity B.

“I don’t like to travel, but when I do, I like to have all my ducks lined up. This kind of attention to detail drives my wife nuts, but she sure appreciates it when everything goes as planned and we’re not left waiting for a ride. I wanted to write and say thanks to Douglas for showing as much attention to detail as I do.”

– Scott F.

“When you run into someone that gets it right and makes your day a little better, you are obligated to say thanks. Thanks to Douglas for helping me get to my flight on time. I didn’t think there was any way we could do it, but after making the driver wait for 30 minutes, he greeted me with a smile and found a route to the airport that got me there just in time. I didn’t even have to tip him to hurry.”

– Ahmad Z.