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Group Transportation

Two happy female friends enjoying road trip in their cabriolet

Imagine a night (or a day!) on the town with all your friends, no coordination concerns, and zero worries about directions, parking, or most important, drinking and driving. That dream can be experienced in real life with SuperVIP’s group transportation service. Travel around anywhere you choose — in style and comfort with any number of friends, all together in the same chauffeured vehicle. Our fleet will be able to accommodate you according to your specific needs, from minivans for mid-sized groups to passenger vans that seat up to 13. For larger parties, business events, and more, we can provide a fleet of mini-buses or coaches, as your needs dictate. Whether you’re booking transportation for a corporate outing, a company retreat, or a wedding party, our priority will always be to surpass your expectations.

There’s nothing better than traveling with friends, save for the pesky coordination legwork. Luckily, SuperVIP takes all the stress out of group transportation, so your day can be all play. With a professional driver to chauffeur your group around, you’ll never have to think about directions, tolls, or parking. Instead, you can travel with the peace of mind that comes with a car service backed by decades of industry experience.

In particular, if you plan to travel around during the day, SuperVIP will help you discover the difference that streamlined, professional group transportation can make. Instead of dealing with tickets, gas, and parking issues, you and your friends and family will be able to fully enjoy their time out. And if your day is continuing into the evening, our group transportation services will leave you free to experience the city by night, without any drinking and driving issues, SuperVIP is happy to help you enjoy your time there responsibly, in the vehicle of your choice.