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Super VIP™ launched in 1999 and soon made it’s name as a premier Limousine Service. With a strong concept and well-situated and unique in its field, Super VIP’s™ ambition was to become one of the leaders in chauffeur-driven car for hire. Under the direction of Douglas Madriz, CEO, since it’s launch, Super VIP™ is now well into it’s stride, accelerating its development and implementing a very energetic commercial policy. It has endowed itself with a fleet of exceptional vehicles including, and recruited a disciplinary team with all the skills necessary for the company to reach its aim.
Super VIP’s™ aim is to satisfy and win the loyalty of clients who naturally make high demands on the quality of the service they receive. The company’s philosophy is based on irreproachable service. Availability and confidentiality are absolute priorities. Bearing this in mind, the staff then adapt themselves to specific demands made by each client. who can call upon the company’s service 24 hours, 7 days a week. with Super VIP™ Limousine, the client can be as capricious as any movie-star.